#151: The Rise of the Analytics Engineer with Claire Carroll


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Do you long for the days when your mother could ask you, "Now, what do you actually do for your job?" and "all" you had to do was explain websites and digital analytics? The "analyst" is now a role that can be defined an infinite number of ways in its breadth and depth. Is the analyst who is starting to do data transformations to create clean views still an analyst? Or is she a data engineer? A data scientist? On this episode, we explore the idea of an "analytics engineer" with Claire Carroll from Fishtown Analytics who, while she did not coin the term, can certainly be credited with its growth as a concept. And there is a brief but intense spat about the role of "analytics translator," which Claire sat out, but observed with bemusement. For complete show notes, including links to items mentioned in this episode and a transcript of the show, visit the show page.

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