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We're kicking off Season One of Women In Post!

Launching April 16th: Tune in for conversations with women in film and video post-production. We share stories, technical skills, resources, laughs and more.

Interested in learning about post-production? Already working in post-production and want to get to know more people in the field, build relationships, learn new skills?

Women In Post champions and advances the incredible community of women making films and careers in post production. On the show, we talk to fellow female creators, gathering useful editing strategies and industry insights to help you build a more productive and profitable career in film and video.

Tune in to the podcast on April 16, 2020 for our first three original episodes. Plus, new episodes and sneak peak content every week on Instagram @WomenInPost. Listen in & connect with us on Instagram, YouTube, and traditional podcasting platforms.

And share with your film friends!

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To learn more visit: http://kristengoshorn.com/womeninfluencingpostproduction/

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