Episode 150 - Rev. Dr. Dennis Edwards, "Might from the Margins"


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Salvation is liberation.” - Rev. Dr. Dennis Edwards
Our guest on today’s podcast is Reverend Doctor Dennis Edwards. His name might sound familiar to you as he was a recent guest of Michael’s on an episode titled, “Turning the Tables on Injustice.” Today, he and Michael will be discussing his most recent book, “Might from the Margins”.
To summarize the conversation, here is the concluding paragraph of what Dennis wrote in a recent Christianity Today article of the same title. He says, “When a simple slogan such as “Black Lives Matter” is denied, scrutinized, and even vilified by vocal white Christians, it becomes increasingly necessary to assert that God loves marginalized people and that we must grow in love of ourselves. Love is power. It emboldens us, motivates us, and sustains us to fight against injustice. Jesus embodies love and power and stands in solidarity with the marginalized. In him we find might from the margins.” Michael and Dr. Edwards’ discussion is a timely and thoughtful conversation that is sure to point listeners toward deeper introspection and empathy.

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