Oct 18 2020 Loyalty- Forgotten Quality of God - Exodus 3:11-12


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Exodus 3:11-12 “I will be with you

Joshua 1:5 “…so I will be with you”

Judges 6:12 “…Lord is with you mighty warrior

1 Samuel 18:14 “…because the Lord was with him”

Jeremiah 1:8 “…I am with you…”

2 Timothy “…He delivered me from the Lion’s mouth”

Matthew 28:20 “…I am with you always…”

Forgotten Quality of God – Loyalty

We are to have loyalty to God

· 1 Samuel 17:45-47

Individual Loyalty to God

“Promises of the Ages”

Never leave / forsake Us

Our Promise

Never leave/ forsake God

David with God; Adequate

Called to be loyal to God

Psalm 5:3 “Expectations”

David’s Passion for God – Psalm 18:1-6

“What’s love got to do with it” – Tina Turner

2nd hand emotion

Love’s got everything to do with it.

Strong Desire to be with God – Psalm 18:30

Christianity is a Passionate walk with God

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