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It’s been a long couple of months since our last podcast, but we’re excited to announce that we are back! Why were we gone for so long? Well, our family faced a series of crises that lead to challenges, stress, and a complete hold on all our projects.

And that was all before COVID hit! We learned a lot of crucial lessons during this period and are excited to share them with you.

In this podcast, you’ll learn how we faced these difficulties – poorly at first. But then, with patience, God’s grace, and a whole lot of prayer, we worked on making things right.

What we learned helped us to grow and prepared us for the challenges that came with COVID. Join us to learn how we maintained hope and why we believe we were all born for such a time as this!


  • Catching up with the Z’s and our family news! (1:35)
  • Why we stopped the podcast: floods, floods, and more floods (7:01)
  • The next big crisis… (17:02)
  • And then there was COVID (23:18)
  • What we did to weather our crises (33:27)
  • You’re stronger than you think & remember whom you are battling (37:51)
  • More lessons from Mama Z (47:16)
  • Final thoughts (53:03)
  • Closing prayer and episode wrap (57:52)

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