Ep. 152 Finding Your Way Out of Perfectionism with Rebecca Sharp


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Rebecca Sharp has spent the past 7 years in the construction industry after obtaining a Masters degree in Architecture. Through a journey of shadow work and connecting with her inner lightworker, she began embracing her feminine energy and authenticity in a male-dominated industry. She is on an ascension journey to connect with her highest self by not letting her perfectionism get in the way, and helps others do the same as a certified life coach.

In this episode of The Uncensored Empath:

  • How Rebecca embraces her feminine working in a male-dominated industry
  • How to identify your version of perfectionism
  • How to recognize when your perfectionist is showing
  • The freedom that comes from setting aside time to “just be”
  • Tools to help you find your way out of perfectionism and balance the feminine + masculine

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