095: Teaching Norwegian Entrepreneurs How to Master the Art of Social Media


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Stine Bustillo was always interested in marketing, and landed her first high-level sales job on what was practically a fluke. She cultivated over a decade of experience, and realized on a trip to Paris that she wasn’t headed on the life path she wanted.

Now, through her membership, she helps predominantly female entrepreneurs in Norway build their social media, create content that actually converts, and use the newest digital marketing strategies to grow their businesses.

Today, Stine joins the podcast to tell the story of her journey from the corporate world, the podcast that inspired her launch, and how she created a thriving membership business in just a matter of hours.


  • How Stine knocked her first sales job out of the park despite a lack of qualifications or formal training.
  • Why pregnancy led Stine to take the plunge and pursue a career in social media.
  • How listening to a single podcast episode inspired her to launch her membership by simply reaching out to her mailing list.

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