1090. Are American's Too Attached To Their Pets?


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Dr. Lorin Lindner is on Animal RadioParrots Helping Veterans with P.T.S.D.
Dr. Lorin Lindner founded Serenity Park, a unique sanctuary on the grounds of the Los Angeles Veterans Administration Healthcare Center. She noticed that the veterans she treated as a clinical psychologist and the parrots she had taken in as a rescuer quickly formed bonds. Men and women who had been silent in therapy would share their stories and their feelings more easily with animals.
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Are American's Too Attached To Their Pets?
Psychological Scientist Dr. Clay Routledge believes young adults may be bonding with animals at the expense of vital human relationships. While the Animal Radio team may be divided on the health aspects of loving your pet "too much," there is one empirical fact; some of us have trouble prioritizing humans over animals.
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Filthy Pet Food Facility
Mars markets canned dog and cat foods under the Pedigree, Cesar, Whiskas, Nutro and IAMS brands and problems over the past few years at their pet food production facility in Columbus, OH, are now becoming public. Food Safety News has revealed that the facility was crawling with an infestation of German cockroaches. Pet food from the plant also generated consumer complaints about finding hard plastic pieces in the pet food. A recall of the affected foods was issued, but inspections of the facility to check on how they remedied the problem found the company had not completed repairs as promised.
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Gone to the Birds
We often celebrate our cats and dogs, but today it'll be about the birds. We'll focus on bad bird behavior and training your parrot of cockatoo. Dr. Debbie breaks the myths about bird food and explains the nutritional value of seeds vs. pellets.
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