Podcast #239: What BS Story Are You Telling?


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Welcome back to the weekly podcast No More Excuses! Thank you for being here and taking the time to invest in YOU!

Buckle up as this week I dig even deeper into Excuses, Blame and BULLSHIT!

In last week's podcast I shared about a client who was tossing excuses and blame at me from every angle and what happened when I called her on it! I asked YOU what excuses are your "go-to". I heard from some of you and you aren't alone with your "I don't have time / money," yep "kids / family," and even the most used "I didn't get the results / It doesn't work for me!"


Ok, so you gave the excuse and quit - but what did you try instead? Like I've been preaching... CHECK THE RESULTS AND CHANGE THINGS UP!

HAVE YOU? When was the last time you changed up a habit or routine? In this week's podcast I give suggestions on how and when to check on your habits. Oh yes, and some of you are thinking, "I hate the word "habit" and "routine". Ok, then call them ACTION ITEMS, because that's what habits are... regularly schedule "action items" which create what...


Habits are also tied to Excuses, Blame and Bullshit if you allow it to be! Hence the reason I'm on this massive soap box about changing things up so you don't fall into that bad habit!

Some of you may know things need to change, but aren't sure "how", or you may be frustrated and have hit that plateau, but aren't sure "what" needs to change, and that's where I come in! Click here to schedule your free 30-minute coaching call!

I also have a DIY coaching program - click here - because you are a listener - I discounted it for you to $25 vs. $59/month. It begins with your main goal worksheets, and then monthly as well as progress checks that get emailed to you and remind you of what you "said" you were going to do! And trust me... I check on everyone that's in that course!

Yes, there are sometimes legitimate REASONS vs. EXCUSES. But, do you know the difference? Being honest is part of it, and not just telling bullshit stories. Not being afraid to admit fear is playing a role in your life. Doubt. Failure... all that crap that gets in the way!

This week, my challenge to you is to DIG DEEPER into your "action items / habits / routine" and really see where things are. And yes, you must listen in to get the FULL challenge!

Have a great week FREE of excuses, blame and bullshit! Cheers! Sandi

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