Rise of the Murder Hobo


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Crit Academy is joined by Sam, The Education DM! Sam has been a DM since the mid-80s, and a teacher since the late 90s. He is passionate about Dungeons and Dragons, and Education, and mixing the two. His Facebook page is chock full of informative D&D material. Make sure to give him a follow and a share.

He joins us today to talk about his Dump Stat article "The Rise of the Murder Hobo - D&D Teaching Moral Values"

"Whilst I have seen some disagreement in the discussion as to what a Murder Hobo is, what I would rather discuss here is what I see as a rise in a lack of morals amongst characters... or is it in the players?"

-Sam, The Educational DM

Show Notes: https://www.critacademy.com/post/episode192

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