056 - Clearance Sourcing Tips to Help Increase Amazon FBA Profits


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A great way to make money through reselling on Amazon is to source clearance items for your business. But how do you make the most of this strategy and what are the things to keep in mind as you go about it? Never fear, we have you covered! In this episode, we give you all the best tips for sourcing clearance items in both retail and online stores. We look at four tips for finding more items on clearance, things to be wary of when sourcing, maximizing your profits, and more!

There are a few tricks that can really move the needle when it comes to your profit margins, so making sure to investigate all possibilities is highly recommended. Sometimes a great opportunity can be just out of plain sight, and with the right questions and tools you can find a great deal and make a clever purchase. Join us today to hear all about doing this for your Amazon reselling business!

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