Episode 134 – How Mintos P2P Lending Works with CEO Martins Sulte


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Today’s episode features Martins Sulte, the CEO and co-founder of the biggest European P2P lending platform Mintos, as our guest.

Lending and alternative lending is not a new industry at all, but many European investors only became aware to this asset class in recent years, also because before there was no real way they could get involved since it required insider knowledge, contacts or big sums of capital.

Mintos itself start out with the founders and 4 developers, and it has not grown to over 160 people.

It was a pleasure to speak with Martins and have him share some of his widespread knowledge in the P2P lending space.

Mintos has been operating for 5 years and is the largest P2P lending marketplace with over 50% market share in Europe. More than 6 billion euros of loans have been facilitated so far and the average investor invests around 3000 euros.

The biggest number of investors come from Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic respectively, but this is mostly a reflection of those countries’ familiarity with this type of investing. There are more than 340,000 investors that have used Mintos and they come from 90+ countries.

More than 60 lending companies offer their loans on the Mintos platform, with over 25,000 people working at these companies and spread over 33 countries, so you can have a global reach when investing on Mintos.

The company supports 10 languages via its multilingual support team, while the website is available in 6 languages and there are loans available in 10 currencies.

If you’re intrigued by this episode, do make sure you check out Jean’s extensive review of Mintos on his blog.


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