5 Nov - The one where Robin gets Jonny AGAIN!!


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Jonny was cold up the mountains... Jonny met an ungrateful man... the pill to end snoring... Kanye gave Kim a hologram of her dead dad... the GoFundMe page for the babysitter in the new Borat film... the meat council is fighting back against vegans... Jonny complains about his girlfriend... Khloe Kardashian got Covid... Robin gets Jonny with a prank... was the cranberry drinking skateboarder viral video a setup?... Kazakhstan is finally accepting Borat... a doctor fell for the silliest scam imaginable... have you ever canceled plans to hang out with your dog?... Jonny's traumatic story... Jonny got lost in his friend's car... Kim Kardashian rented a private island... the 4 awkward situations a month we get into, because of one particular thing... the top dating terms post-Covid... Jonny was sent a contract to check... the new trend Dream Tourism... how was Robin's first day working from home without his daughter there?... what's the worst advice you can get when being fired?... what happened to the guy who paid for a full-contact experience with a Leopard?... Mike Tyson has a thong... the days of solo song writing are over!... AND OH YEAH THE "SMALL GATHERINGS" GAG... HAHAHAHA YEAH I JUST REMEMBERED THAT SMALL DETAIL!

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