EP #310 The Formula for a $374,390 Indiegogo with Unbound Merino


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Have you ever thought about starting an apparel company?

If so, today’s podcast guest is going to be super useful for you. You’ll also get great tips for marketing, production creation, and assembling a team for whatever crowdfunding campaign you’re looking to launch!

Unbound Merino is a company that has invented the ultimate travel hack—delivering clothing that will let you travel the world with nothing more than a backpack.

Unbound is a clothing line that designs stylish, simple merino wool apparel that can be worn for weeks or even months without ever having to be washed. Now travelers can ditch the suitcase and bring out their true inner minimalist.

One today’s episode, we’re talking to the entrepreneur behind UnBound Merino to go behind the scenes and discover how they turned a dream into an Indiegogo Campaign that raised $374,390.

It’s time to ditch the laundry and get started with Indiegogo!

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