732 - 11/01/20 Bobby Blackwolf Show - PS5 Not Having Native VR, One More Month Of Crunch In Poland


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No, it's not a paid sponsorship, but I start by giving much love to Atlanta's Gaming Bar and Restaurant Battle & Brew, which is a local business that could use your business if you live here. We have some discussions about topics from previous episodes - Pokemon cards, the Video Games book from 1982 (which is on Archive.org!) and Oculus Quest 2's Facebook registration. Sony has stated that PlayStation VR will not run on native PS5 titles until 2022 at the earliest, saying that the market is not there in a market they dominated in sales. Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed to December, which is extending the crunch time - however the CEO said it wasn't so bad and then had to apologize. Then we take calls about Sean Connery games and talk to OLR a little bit about Genshin Impact.

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