199: Greg Kyte – Controller, CPA, & Comedian!


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Greg Kyte, a CPA in Utah that does stand-up comedy, serves as host for several conferences, and still works his full-time day job as a Controller, joined us for this episode of Where Accountants Go, The Accounting Careers Podcast. I first encountered Greg through the “mind-numbingly repetitive” commercials he has done for one of my own personal favorite podcasts – “The Soul of Enterprise”. I didn’t know this until the interview, but the commercial spots he recorded for that show were supposed to be used for a short time (or so he thought), but ended up being so impactful that they continued to be used over and over for years. If you haven’t listened to that particular podcast, please check it out. They have great content, and you will crack up when you hear Greg’s 3 commercial spots – they truly are hilarious. Greg works as a Controller for a medical building management company full-time as well. However, that doesn’t stop him from being the comedic host for conferences such as Xerocon, or from recording comedic CPE sessions for online providers. He’s found the best of all worlds! One take-away for me personally was that Greg has been able to pursue his passion because he was willing to put himself out there and be judged. Whether it was in the initial years doing stand-up, or the letters he wrote to the editor of the Journal of Accountancy, Greg hasn’t been shy about expressing himself and waiting to see how it’s received. And obviously it’s been received well – he really is a funny guy. If you enjoy this episode, make sure to also check out: John Garrett and Geni Whitehouse To listen in on this interview with Greg Kyte, please use the player below.

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