DTS - Making Your Own Custom Wrist Watch


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This is a real and deep story. A story of DREAMS, PASSION & FRIENDSHIP. Anthony (@defining_time) and Vinnie (@tellyourtime) welcome Elio from @the349designer to the Defining Time Show. Elio tells the story about how he fulfilled one of his dreams and designed and had built his very own piece unique and one of one time piece. Elio is from Italy and is a first class gentleman, he did a fantastic job and it was a true honour to hear him speak and go inside the mind of a true artist and designer. This is not a fast paced episode, this is one to be enjoyed quietly and with a whiskey. At times, Vinnie and myself were left speechless and in awe of what we were hearing. So, slow down, sit back and come on this journey to hear about a man and his watch (that he actually designed himself). Our Instagram or other recommendations: Elio: @victoriainparis Anthony: @bathyscaphe_i13 Vinnie: @steerpike999 We hope you enjoy this episode just as much as we did. Follow us on Instagram: @FifthWrist To join our crew group chat then please email us at contact@fifthwrist.com and if you have time please leave us a review wherever you listen to our podcast. Cheers from down under, Anthony and Vinnie.

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