How to Launch & Grow a Professional Coaching Practice & Career with Eben Pagan


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Eben Pagan started his online business in 2001 from his bedroom, with just a computer, selling a book of dating advice. He built the company to 80 full-time employees, and $30 million in sales, 100% virtually, no office. In 2007, offered his first course on how to grow a business to the $10 million per year level, called Altitude. His students, clients, and people he's mentored have done billions of dollars in sales. He has been interviewed by Tony Robbins and Larry King on how to find opportunity and build a successful company.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. It’s incredibly hard for an average human being to figure out what they want.

2. If you know how to listen for and ask to get at that thing that someone is trying to do in their life, and help them to make a plan to do it, that’s when you become valuable.

3. Take coaching seriously. Commit to your coaching career, or atleast, commit to adding coaching to your career.

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