Ep. 124: America's Money Problem and How Families Can Fix It with Guest Mr. Shadeed


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Today I'm joined by Shadeed Q. Eleazer aka "Mr. Shadeed" to talk about personal finances, overcoming debt, and what American Families return from the negative impact of COVID looks like. There's nothing wrong with you for finding yourself in a financial bind, there is a problem if you choose to stay there. It's just money, take notes during the podcast and remove the power money has over you so that you can start asserting your control over it and getting yourself where you want to be. Follow Mr. Shadeed on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrshadeed Mr. Shadeed's Plan to Help You Fix Your Finances: https://mrshadeed.com/assets ************************************************************** Want to support the work I'm doing? Every $1 Helps: www.PayPal.me/TheFamilyAlpha For Card/Crypto: thefamilyalpha.com/Donate ************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE to the Email List for premium content: TheFamilyAlpha.com/Newsletter ************************************************************** Join Shadeed and I inside The Fraternity of Excellence: We're networking online and meeting up offline; Real accountable is had, real relationships are forged and real results are coming from real work inside FoE. www.FraternityofExcellence.com ************************************************************** Zac's Social Media: TWITTER: twitter.com/ZacSmall_ INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/ZacSmall_ FACEBOOK: Facebook.com/Zachary.Small.9 BLOG: www.thefamilyalpha.com/ If you'd like to work 1 on 1 email ZSmall@TheFamilyAlpha.com ************************************************************** MUST READ BOOKS FOR ALL MEN SANCTION: amzn.to/2FSWzqi Gates of Fire: amzn.to/2Fuc3DA The Way of Men: amzn.to/2RP3Uer ************************************************************** For all Business/Sponsorship inquires email ZSmall@TheFamilyAlpha.com This podcast is not to be reproduced without prior authorization.

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