Nick Saleem - Immigrants + Finance (Pt. Three)


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Nick Saleem is the Co-Founder of United Wealth Group and has been in the Financial Services Business since 1997. Nick focuses his practice around the Medical and Physician market and specializes in retirement and estate planning, insurance and employee benefit plans. Nick currently works with over 500 clients, and he is passionate about creating innovative solutions which fit their individual needs.

Tune in to hear:

  • What are some of the unique fiscal or emotional challenges immigrants sometimes face?

  • Nick’s perspective, as an immigrant, on “The American Dream”

  • Why immigrants are often more inclined to entrepreneurial ventures than people born in the US

  • Are there structural or systemic reasons why immigrants are often kept from more traditional forms of employment, choosing instead to forge their own path?

  • How financial professionals can help clients balance financial best practices with their specific cultural sensitivities

  • What are some unique challenges immigrant families face in becoming financially independent?

  • What habits does Nick see in his immigrant clients that might strengthen the broader American money culture?


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