#9853 Open Forum About Jesus - Jimmy Akin


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Who was Jesus? Questions Covered: 02:11 – When Jesus breathed on the apostles and they received the Spirit, how is that different from Pentecost? 07:20 – What is the strongest evidence against Jesus’ Resurrection and how can it be refuted? 15:06 – Was Jesus the only condemned person who had to carry his own cross? 19:20 – Does Zecheriah 14 prove that Jesus is coming soon? 24:16 – Why didn’t Jesus allow Mary to touch him before he ascended to his Father? 28:51 – What is the most important gift that Jesus gave to us? 32:00 – I read a theory that the 2nd coming has already occurred, using Matthew 16:28 as evidence. What are your thoughts on this? 36:04 – How do you respond to Unitarians who deny that Jesus was a person of the Trinity? 42:57 – Why do a priest and a congregation need to pray for their sacrifice to be accepted when the sacrifice has already been made by Christ? 47:20 – At what age did Jesus know that he was God? 51:29 – In biblical stories, there is a gap in Jesus’ life that is not documented. What happened during those years? …

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