Election Update and The Science Behind Why Mind Over Matter Is a Real Thing - Noetic Sciences (Ep. 18)


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Is it possible for a group of individuals to think their way to solving a common goal? We don't think it's possible... we think it's probable. Along with sharing our thoughts on the election, we wanted to dive into something called Noetic Sciences and the true power of the mind and show practical data and prove that substantiates these ideas. We also have a Black Friday promotion with our partners at Cured you for this week you won't want to miss.

Time Stamps:

(2:20) Woo Woo and Pragmatism

(3:14) Cured Nutrition Black Friday Sale!

(4:03) Who the Fuck is President?

(10:15) Jordan’s Vote

(15:15) Socialism

(20:53) Noetic Sciences

(23:41) Shoutout to Princeton

(27:05) Cosmic Consciousness

(38:59) Getting Out of Holes

(40:00) Power of Neutrality

(43:23) Future Orientation

(48:50) 2 Digital Products Story

(52:38) Share, Rate, and Review


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