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On this episode I chatted with Sabah Khan. Friend, fellow podcaster and all around trailblazer. Born in Pakistan, the youngest of three siblings. At aged 4 Sabah's Dad moved the family to America so that the women in the family could have a better life. ( What a gentleman! ) They moved to West Virginia before making down to Oklahoma. Sabah grew up in Edmond went to OU before finishing up at UCO. While in college Sabah worked at Apple. After 5 years there, she left and launched her own tech company called FRIENDLiTECH. This is the start of a journey for Sabah, discovering who she is, what she likes and where she's ultimately supposed to be. Starting a tech company, working for an interior designer, being on a TV show... all of these leads to taking some well earned time off and traveling to faraway destinations. Visiting New Zealand, Australia and then a family vacation to Italy and Turkey. Discovery is happening. Sabah gets a call from her now boss with an opportunity to manage their store. This is the opportunity, calling, the sign she's been looking for. Sabah has found her calling and its great to listen to her talk with passion about her career. Sabah has a podcast with cohost Branna Bell called The Cannabis Hangout found here where they talk with industry leaders and break the stigma around cannabis use. Follow Sabah on instagram

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