EP. 100: Part 1, What 99 Episodes Taught Me About the ADHD Brain


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Join Tracy as she celebrates her 100th episode of ADHD for Smart Ass Women. For her 100th episode, Tracy reviewed all 99 episodes of her podcast and shared the key thoughts that reframed her personal understanding of ADHD. This was a lot of content to go through and ultimately ended up becoming not only podcast episode #100 but also episode #101. Tracy also created a 100th episode gift for her listeners which is a Podcast Index that organizes all 99 episodes. You can find it here.

Episode 1: Tracy Otsuka Shares her ADHD Story and her ADHD Superpowers

Episode 3: Kids and ADHD: Why Their Journey is Important to You

Episode 4: The One Trait That Everyone with ADHD Has

Episode 8: Why Am I Always Late?

Episode 9: Practical Strategies for Being on Time and Planning Better

Episode 10: ADHD and Exercise

Episode 12: Learned Helplessness and ADHD

Episode 16: Intuition and ADHD

Episode 17: The 10 Things I Wish I Would Have Been Told About ADHD When I Was First Diagnosed

Episode 18: Message to My Kid’s Teachers

100th Episode Gift: Podcast Index

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