Podcast 344: Rachel Palmer


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Rachel Palmer is originally from my neck of the woods – the Minneapolis area. But she’s now in Cologne, expanding her visuals-for-music practice, and – germane to this interview – promoting her new music release: Antecedent, on Modularfield Records (https://modularfield.io/rachel-palmer-antecedent). It was just released on November 27th, but I had a chance to check out the pre-release, and was quite drawn in by the work.

The music has many of the cinematic qualities that I think of with Modularfields’ releases, but the tracks are also unique in the individuality – each one sets itself as a unique entity, and it harkens to both Rachel’s personal story and her history in songwriting.

In our chat, we discuss her background – which includes serious live visual work as well as a long musical history, her struggles finding a musical voice, and some of the concerns that exist for artists living through a pandemic. A thoughtful chat with an artist unafraid of exploration.


Transcription available at http://www.darwingrosse.com/AMT/transcript-0344.html

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