45: #6x45: Spotify Wrapped, Where We Are In Line For the Vaccine, Work / Life Balance


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We're back and over the turkey hangover, and boy, has a lot happened while we've been off!
  • Andrew makes his case for why sharing a Spotify account is a bad idea.
  • For once, they can't blame millennials for killing an industry: Warner Bros. has announced all of its 2021 releases will debut on HBO Max to coincide with their theatrical release dates.
  • Elliot Page announced that he is trans in a heartfelt letter shared on his social media. We're so proud of and happy for Elliot!
  • Pam and Laura give their spoiler-free take on Netflix's Selena: The Series as lifelong fans of the late Tejana star.
  • In Joementum 2021 and sad Trump attempts to steal the election, more bad news for the Trumpster: Attorney General Bill Barr says there's no evidence to overturn the result of the election, AND he's considering stepping down soon. Sad!
  • Georgia, you can request your absentee ballot here, and early voting for the Senate runoff begins on December 14th! History has its eye on us, so let's flip this bish!
  • Rudy Giuliani picked up a drunk Karen when he realized they needed a start witness at a Michigan oversight hearing, and somewhere along the way also picked up Miss Rona.
  • We find out where we might find ourselves in line for the vaccine, which several states are beginning to roll out in mid-December.
  • Letitia Wright deleted her social media after sharing a video containing misinformation about COVID-19, as well as transphobic and climate denier viewpoints. Was she really "using her brain?"
  • The Number is back, and it's another Pew Research edition! What percentages of U.S. Americans would get the coronavirus vaccine if it were available today?
  • $200 sex toys - a responsible investment?
  • Do we feel old yet? What businesses do we remember from our youth that are no more?
  • This week's BAE guest Kailey joins us to talk side hustles and the ever-elusive work/life balance!
  • Need to unwind or get some retail therapy? We've got you with this week's recommendations: 'Bad Moms Christmas' (Andrew), Floor & Decor (Laura), Sephora's perfume sampler (Pam), and Created By Megan Elaine on Etsy (Kailey).
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And in this week's installment of After Dark, available on our Patreon:
  • Here comes the Thanksgiving drama: divorced parents and a family member struggling with acceptance.
  • A scientist has told us Airbnbs are relatively low risk, so we're packing our bags!
  • A discussion on impactful pop culture moments takes us down memory lane. Who still has all their beanie babies?!
  • Anyone still laughing at those teachers who wouldn't let us research school projects using the internet? Look who's laughing now, Mrs. Roberts!

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