097 Preventing Fraud with Chris Sauerzopf


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In today’s episode I get to interview Chris Sauerzopf, creator of SafeWire. We talk about how fraudsters threaten mortgage & real estate transactions, as well as the ways that it can easily be prevented. We also discuss the best ways to leverage technology in your business and how to move forward in a post-COVID era. Chris is the co-founder and creator of SafeWire & co-owner of World Class Title. Chris has been in real estate since 2004 and has a degree in Industrial Design from the Columbus College of Art & Design. He has been a licensed real estate agent, notary, and is currently a licensed title agent, and this experience has provided him the insight to recognize the potential threat of real estate wire fraud SafeWire exists to ensure every real estate transaction is fraud free. Unlike other fraud prevention products, SafeWire begins at day 1 of the listing. It is the only product available that reaches across multiple segments of the transaction from real estate brokers to title agents. SafeWire & SafeWire Assurance guarantees proceeds up to $1Million. Learn more at: SafeWire.com

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