Plate 50: MLK Decal Contest with Utah MLK Human Rights Commission Member, Eddy Thompson of Utah


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This week we meet Eddy Thompson, Utah MLK Human Rights Commission Member. The Utah MLK Human Rights Commission is running a contest to choose the official state decal of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. License Plate. It will have the contest winner's artwork and the accompanying slogan, "Many Voices. One Utah." The selected artwork will promote diversity, equity and human rights. Let's go meet Eddy and learn about the commission, the contest and Eddy's own story. "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. summoned the best qualities that have guided and sustained the American spirit while strengthening our nation's commitment of equality, justice, freedom, and peace. He awakened the necessary goodness of all people and led a nonviolent movement that enriched our moral purpose as a nation. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. raised the consciousness of our country through his personal dream where all people are judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I believe this license plate will show that we are about the content of one's character, and not the color of one's skin. This license plate will show our nation that Utah is committed to equality, freedom, justice and peace!" - Eddy Thompson Get more information about the Commission and Decal Contest here - Show notes and full transcript available at Enjoy this episode and want to buy me a cup of coffee?

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