How to use BFR after knee surgery for improved recovery - your BFR questions answered.


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Hi there,

This is a short bonus episode just in time for Christmas. I regularly get questions emailed to me about how to incorporate BFR in their specific scenario. I thought that putting it in an audio format may be a good way to not only answer the question but also it may be relevant for some of you. Hence today's podcast.

Today's question is:

"I have just undergone a partial menisectomy and have had 40% of my medial meniscus in my left knee removed. I was wondering what you might recommend I could do to assist my rehab of the left leg at this stage. For example, I am allowed to start heel to toe walking, hamstring/calf stretch and a few other very low key exercises like mini recumbent cycling tomorrow but I was wondering would you recommend using the BFR in anyway yet even just passively?"

I actually liked doing this segment and think it can be an extra segment for BFR Radio. So, if you have any questions that you'd like to be answered contact me through my website or my social media channels.




Have a Merry Christmas and see you all in the New Year.


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