Rich Luker: How to foresee the future of sports fans


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"In 1988 there was absolutely no systematic research on sports fans in the US"

Why sport fandom was linked with the economy and wealth until 2010

"If you go to your first baseball game before you are five you go to 58% more games per year than if you go to your first game at 14."

The problems of seasonality, looking only at one sport, studying it 'all the way'

Starting ESPN Sports Poll and then buying it out

Measuring free time and the effects of Covid-19

The drastic challenges facing the sports industry before the pandemic

Studying two paradigm shifts in his research

the changing nature of sports media consumption

the invention of the smartphone taking the internet 'off the desk'

Why 2026 was set to be THE critical year as every new adult would now grow up with smartphones

Why these fans will not 'come back' at 35 because they were never there in the first place

The growth of post-war PE in the US and how 'making it fun' created sports

"That was the only real investment in sports fans"

The importance of the bonding experience with your parents (mainly Dad)

Why tattoos are a 'canary in the coalmine' for sports stories

Why no-one is paying attention to community in sports but the lack of it is the biggest threat?

CRM in sports is just 'transactional and transitional'

The lack of research into young children's preferences

"The biggest change is change itself... everything is fluid. Being a human being is the only thing that is constant"

Asking the sports team owners "what they sell?"

Comparing esports with the poker phenomenon

The Luker plan for sports post Covid - community, young fans, revolutionising the gamecast and bringing sports to the fans

Who is the instigator of community?

Signs of hope and worry - finding sports' Anthony Fauci.

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