#407: The EntreLeadership Podcast 2020: A Year in Review


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What a year! You laughed, you probably cried, and most importantly—you never gave up. You kept growing and pushing through, even on the hard days. How do we know? Because this year you guys downloaded over 12 million episodes of The EntreLeadership Podcast, learning from leadership experts like Seth Godin, Patrick Lencioni and more. So, here’s to you! Thank you for listening and for never giving up.

Let’s gear up for what’s ahead with highlights from this year’s top 12 episodes.

1:51 James Clear—How to Build Great Habits

The Rundown: Have some big goals you want to reach? James Clear, New York Times bestselling author, says your identity plays a major part in whether or not you’ll reach them. He says how you view yourself largely influences your habits, which are really the building blocks for achieving your goals. Listen and learn how to align your habits with your beliefs, supercharge productivity, and make time your ally so you can achieve more.

7:28 Michael Hyatt—5 Steps to No Fail Meetings

The Rundown: No. More. Pointless. Meetings. Can we get an amen? Michael Hyatt, entrepreneur and leadership coaching expert, explains five ways to make the most of every meeting so you can save precious hours, improve your company culture, and increase your team’s productivity and performance.

15:47 Patrick Lencioni—Why Are You a Leader?

The Rundown: Why do you really want to be a leader? In this episode, leadership expert Patrick Lencioni explains how your response to five common leadership responsibilities can reveal whether you’re in it for the right reasons (or not!)—and what to do about it.

20:54 Jeni Britton Bauer—Leading Through Ambiguity

The Rundown: If the COVID-19 global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that navigating unknowns can be extremely challenging. And for some leaders like Jeni Britton Bauer, founder of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, it’s not the first time they’ve had to do it. Tune in as Jeni talks about how to find your way forward in a crisis and why that starts and ends with rock-solid communication.

32:53 Sam Walker—The Key to Lasting Success

The Rundown: In his decade-long study of the best sports teams in the world, author Sam Walker has identified the one common factor that led to their sustained success—an extraordinary captain. Listen as he shares what sets the best captains apart and how you can become the kind of leader that leads your team to success that lasts.

43:59 Dave Ramsey—Debt Is Never the Answer

The Rundown: Forced to file bankruptcy in his twenties, Dave Ramsey started over from scratch and has since built a multimillion-dollar business the only way he knows how: at the speed of cash. Tune in to hear Dave explain why debt is never the answer, no matter how tempting an opportunity may be.

59:25 Jocko Willink—The Toxicity of Ego

The Rundown: When your ego is in charge, you are not. Tune in as retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink explains why letting your ego drive your decision-making is dangerous and how some simple strategies can help you keep it in check.

1:07:31 Dan Heath—The Importance of Looking Upstream

The Rundown: Tune in as Dan explains why adopting an upstream mindset—aka focusing on preventing problems instead of reacting to them over and over again—is crucial to moving your business forward and uniting your team.

1:21:01 Dr. John Delony—How to Deal With Anxiety

The Rundown: If you’ve ever felt anxious, that’s okay. It just means you’re human. Dr. John Delony, mental health expert and Ramsey Personality, breaks down what anxiety really is, what it’s trying to tell us, and why we need to pay attention to it. In this episode, Dr. Delony gives leaders practical tips for taking care of their mental health so they can show up and lead people well—even in the midst of stress and uncertainty.

1:30:15 Seth Godin—The Practice of Shipping Creative Work

The Rundown: Seth Godin, bestselling author of leadership staples like Linchpin and Tribes, talks about the essential practice of shipping creative work and inventing the future—even if you aren’t conventionally creative and there are no guarantees the idea will work.

1:37:35 Casey Graham—Stories That Scale

The Rundown: Customer service professional and co-founder of Gravy, Casey Graham, gives us the inside scoop on what really makes customers stick around: doing unscalable things. No, seriously. He deep dives into how getting personal (and going above and beyond) for just one paying customer can help you reach—and keep—thousands more.

1:49:17 David Salyers—Chick-fil-A’s Competitive Advantage

The Rundown: Chick-fil-A’s success isn’t just a result of their delicious food. David Salyers, creator of Spark and a former vice president of marketing at Chick-fil-A, reveals the company’s competitive advantage: their culture. From hiring to team building to finding a mentor, David Salyers gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the leadership principles that guide Chick-fil-A and made it a multibillion-dollar company that truly puts people first.


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