507: Catherine Gray: Why We Need More Women Investing And Inventing


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Catherine Gray is a Producer, Author, Speaker, and Podcast Host. Catherine is also the Co-Founder of the SHE ANGELS FOUNDATION and 360Karma Productions. Catherine is producing a new original series for television called She Angels. It covers the exciting journeys of female founders and funders. The series, together with her SHE ANGELS FOUNDATION, has a vision to create a global initiative that will accelerate the funding of women, since currently they get less than 15% of the funding dollars. Catherine founded 360Karma Productions, which is a multimedia platform that creates everything from films and shows, to game changing events to empower women. These include past events such as the Live Love Thrive Conferences, workshops, and podcasts to the SHE ANGELS PITCHFEST, with the City of West Hollywood, CA. She will soon launch the SHE ANGELS TV series and the INVEST IN HER Podcast. The show and podcast series showcases ways to accelerate the funding of women, and provide resources and inspiration to the entrepreneur listeners.

Gray says, “I am so proud to have produced several award-winning films including the very first documentary film about gay marriage entitled ‘I Can’t Marry You,’ narrated by Ellen DeGeneres’s mom Betty, which aired on PBS in more than 60 cities nationwide. I believe filmmaking is a powerful catalyst to change on every front. My focus now is on empowering female entrepreneurs. I enjoy working on socially conscious projects that are impacting the world in a positive and powerful way.”

Listen in to hear Catherine share:

  • How telling our stories lead us to making societal changes that create equity and justice
  • Why we need more women inventors and investors
  • Why women only get 15% of business funding
  • What angel investing is and how you can become an angel investor at any level in order to support another person’s company/invention
  • How you can go ask for money and funding to start your company and bring your ideas to life
  • The first step to take if you have an idea to invent a product
  • The importance of bringing your visions to life to help others (why you must be brave and vulnerable!)

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