Everybody hates us...but we gave Jerry Seinfeld a platform


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It’s an ethical dilemma that doesn’t exist.

We get paid to make ads that sell stuff that people get paid to make so that they can go out and buy stuff that we make adverts for.

You know how it goes, and it’s not our problem if the stuff you’re paying us to sell is shit right?

No matter how much we explain our role in the free market economy you still all hate us apparently. None more so than Jerry Seinfeld.

Jerry’s a hypocrite and he’s quite mean as well, although he does have a collection of 150 vintage cars so…yay Jerry the Aldi Jay Leno!

Have a listen as Jerry is mean to a bunch of ad people at an awards ceremony where he’s receiving an award for doing the work that they paid him to do so he can buy more vintage cars.

Here he is being a smug cunt on our YouTube channel https://youtu.be/qifGWbFzNKQ

Enjoy. Or not as the case may be.

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