174: Root - Learning the Riverfolk Company


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The Root Patreon Tournament is officially underway and officially sponsored, so what better way to celebrate than an unofficial episode about how to learn to play the Riverfolk Company? These otters are significantly more versatile than their expansion companions the Lizards, but in some ways require just as much skill to comprehend all of the tools in your kit.

6:58 - Abilities & Setup

10:50 - Company Economy

14:06 - Services

30:36 - Trade Posts

33:58 - Birdsong

39:31 - Daylight & Evening

56:40 - Opening Ideas

1:03:22 - Crafty Corner

1:22:22 - Pitfalls

1:26:32 - Where we find our victory

Music by Brian Kupillas. Find more at wanderinglake.bandcamp.com

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