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Stepping out of your comfort zone is a difficult thing to do, but it is absolutely essential for growth, in both a business and personal capacity. The world is changing at a rapid rate and if you aren't continuously growing, you are going to get left behind. Our guest on today's show, Elliott Holland, Managing Director of Guardian Due Diligence, believes that your most frustrating experiences will often be your biggest learning opportunities, so you shouldn't shy away from situations that are difficult or stressful. Elliott also shares why and how he maintains a practice that has been invaluable to his success in business; reflection. There is always room for improvement, and if you don't look back and figure out where you went wrong (or where you went right), you will struggle to move forward. Learning from the experiences and the reflections of the more senior people in your field will also benefit you greatly. Don't let fear prevent you from fulfilling your dreams; most people suck at the beginning, and you have to start somewhere!
Key Points from This Episode:

  • The world is rapidly changing, and it is so important to stay up to date in terms of your knowledge and skills.
  • Invest in yourself in order to move forward and grow in your chosen career.
  • Elliott mentions an example of how things can go wrong when people aren't keeping up with the times.
  • Growth can occur in numerous ways, not just through books and the internet. Elliott shares examples of different ways of investing in oneself.
  • As you grow, you will realize how much your younger self didn't know.
  • Make sure that in every situation, you are either winning in monetary terms or you are learning and growing.
  • Don't be too quick to walk away from deals that aren't working out; instead, use them as an opportunity to learn a lesson.
  • Books are helpful, but the best way to learn how to negotiate is through on-the-job-training.
  • Looking back at your previous work and figuring out where you went wrong (i.e., reflection) is an extremely valuable practice.
  • Smart, dedicated, well-prepared people don't often make mistakes; look at their behavior and learn from it.
  • See stress as a blessing because it means you are learning, but make sure you also take time to recover.
  • Don't be scared to step out of your comfort zone; everyone 'sucks' in the beginning.
  • Practice, practice, practice, and you'll get to where you want to be!
  • Elliott shares some of the toughest things he has had to learn in his career.
  • In order to grow, you need to let yourself be vulnerable and open to change.
  • Knowing when and when not to trust your intuition is a skill that comes with growth.
  • Listen to and learn from the more mature people in your space.
  • Two calls to action for today from Alex: Take time to reflect on a past work experience and how you can improve, and reach out to a more mature person in your field to ask for their advice.

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