Turtle Recall #039 – Green With Jealousy


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This week we breakdown the episode “Green With Jealousy”. This episode is a classic show trope with love potions, as 3 of the turtles fall in love with Irma. Jason and Anna are too concerned about the story that wasn’t told though, how Bebop and Rocksteady got the love potion on the turtle’s pizza and is everyone else in New York under the spell? Anna also goes over proper etiquette on what to tell a bride on her wedding day as Jason provides when and how many flowers are appropriate to send to a person in their office.

This week’s news items: Lot’s of NECA news and reveals, a summary of the Rise of the TMNT movie, and Playmates rereleasing the Movie Star Ninja Turtles line.

News section starts: 4:03

Episode breakdown starts: 35:35

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