The Beard’s nuclear plan works and Kyrie goes AWOL


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The Dragon and Wolf are joined by Fade's Cappadonna—Georgie—to discuss most things sports but some hip-hop, weird white people customs, an impromptu TV review & much more

  • Young Thug flogging | Time - 2:05
  • White people’s nicknames for their grandparents | Time - 15:39
  • NBA STUFF | Time - 24:42
    • LeBron eats pieces of shits like the Rockets for breakfast
    • James Harden's exit strategy
    • Queasy Irving
    • LA Clippers are aight
    • The Knicks cannot score
    • LaMelo at the top of the Ball rankings
    • Can the NBA push thru with the season?
  • NFL STUFF | Time - 1:20:16
    • NFL Divisional Round
    • Putting Lamar Jackson in his prop spot of the QB power rankings
  • Soccer is for P******, Queen’s Gambit review & TV homework | Time - 1:42:13

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