151 - How To Get More Interaction & Energy Happening at Your Next Virtual Event


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We recently recorded a show on virtual events and it caused quite a buzz with tons of people telling us how useful the episode was and that they want MORE when it comes to how to navigate, put together and make the most of virtual events.

So, in today’s episode, your hosts, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon focus on one specific and super important part of running a virtual event and that’s how you can keep up the energy and interaction that you might see at an in person event, even on Zoom or another online platform, where people AREN’T all together in one room. Because at ANY event, whether it’s in person or virtual, keeping the energy high and the interaction happening is key to an awesome outcome.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • The pre-event rituals Suzi and Michelle use to get “in the zone” before a virtual event
  • Why a tech rehearsal may be more important than you realise
  • Suzi’s BIG recommendation when it comes to deciding whether you should try to deliver your virtual event solo or with a support team
  • The 3-part “Teach, Do, Review” framework Michelle uses to structure her virtual programs that maintains energy and keeps people engaged
  • Why sometimes you just need to “get out of the way” to boost the energy and interaction of your virtual audience
  • Smart ways to use breakout rooms
  • Fun things we’ve been doing at our virtual events that you can do too
  • And much more.

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