How to do a financial health check-in with Certified Financial Planner Elizabeth Scheiderer


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Certified Financial Planner Elizabeth Scheiderer from NCA Financial Planners breaks down what people need to know to make sure they're in a financially healthy place, on this week's 3 Things to Know with Stephanie Haney podcast. They cover everything from cash flow to credit cards, investing in stocks and bonds, and the popular investing app, Robinhood, to red flags to avoid and life changes that can alter your financial needs. Plus, 3News investigative reporter Rachel Polansky shares how to get to Ansel's Cave, the little-known hiking trail in Geauga County that you Need to Know in NEO, and sticks around to explain why yoga instructor Marni Task is such A Good Follow on Instagram and Facebook. Read about Robinhood's settlement with the SEC here: Connect with Elizabeth Scheiderer, CFP, here: Need to Know in NEO: Ansel's Cave A Good Follow: Yoga instructor Marni Task Connect with Rachel Polansky here: Connect with Stephanie Haney here:

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