How to pay it forward when times are tough with RAKE founder Ricky Smith


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When times are tough, and maybe especially then, it's still important to pay it forward. But how can we possibly even think about doing that when the world is a raging dumpster fire? Cleveland native and Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere (RAKE) founder Ricky Smith knows a little something about that. He's made doing kindness his personal business, and he got started when he was jobless and living in his car. That's when he used the last money he had in his wallet to buy pizza for strangers. The next day, he landed a writing job with the Cartoon Network. Ricky talks with Stephanie Haney now about how to get creative when doing good things seem impossible, the benefits of doing kindness for all of us, and why people shouldn't be quiet about it. Plus, 3News' Austin Love shares why he loves The Rowley Inn so much in Need to Know in NEO, and Stephanie explains why the Twitter account for Terminal Tower in Downtown Cleveland is such A Good Follow (and why she'll never call it 'Cleveland's version of the Empire State Building' again). Connect with Ricky, and RAKE, here: Need to Know in NEO: The Rowley Inn in Tremont A Good Follow: Terminal Tower in Downtown CLE Connect with Austin Love here: Connect with Stephanie here: If you like this podcast, subscribe to 3News Now with Stephanie Haney too!

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