Listening To Native English Speakers Will Improve Your English Grammar Ep 401


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Improve Your Spoken English - Learn Grammar Through Listening

A common question we get from new language learners, especially those who are new to our way of acquiring a language through listening, is so what about learning English grammar? The good news is that the more you listen, the better your English grammar will get.

Most people associate the grammar of a language with writing in a language. It’s not obvious at first that to speak a language well you need to form the correct sentences, using grammar, well before you being to speak out loud. This is in part because of the way traditional language schools teach most second languages.

Adept English is here to help with FREE English lessons and language courses that are unique, modern and deliver results. You can learn to speak English quickly using our specialised brain training. We get straight to the point of how you should learn to speak English. We teach you in a fun and simple way that delivers results. If you want to learn to speak English, our approach to learning through listening will improve your English fluency.

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