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We have to be hyper-aware of social justice and environmental justice”- Dan Flanagan

In this episode our featured voice is that of long time Executive Director of Friends of the Urban Forest Dan Flanagan.

This past summer and fall we experienced the triple threat of a global pandemic, economic meltdown, and catastrophic wildfires that blanketed the San Francisco Bay Area in deadly smoke and toxic air. Our urban forests are one of the most important green infrastructures we can have to help us deal with climate change and the hottest years on record.

Trees in our city help us address the social and environmental justice issues facing our fellow community members in low-income neighborhoods. The city trees help filter the air pollution, retain rainwater, provide shade and their very presence helps reduce our stress levels, blood pressure and increases our mental engagement and happiness. And trees may help lower property and violent crime. In a 2010 USDA Forest Service Study research forester Geoffrey Donovan found that “large street trees can reduce crime by signaling to a potential criminal that a neighborhood is better cared for and therefore, a criminal is more likely to be caught”

To find out more information about how our Urban Forest helps us mitigate environmental injustice, about Friends of the Urban Forest, along with requesting a free tree to plant near your home or business and to support more trees for our city please go to FUF dot net

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