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“It's, provided a safe place for people of all backgrounds to gather and meet and actually become friends” - Barbara Gratta

In this episode our featured voice is that of winemaker and food entrepreneur Barbara Gratta of Gratta Winery and Market in the Bayview district of San Francisco.

We’ve been sharing stories about economic development and small business incubation in the Bayview Hunters Point communities since 2015. For more context to our interview with Barbara Gratta please go to our Archives section and take a listen to our two-part series Doing Business in the Bayview. In part two of that series, we introduce you to Barbara and she shares more about her background and her love of making wine along with her efforts to work with the community in the Bayview neighborhood.

To find out more about the Bayview Stories please listen to episode 23 with Andrea Baker and Pooja Rajani and episode 24 with Rome Rogers from Rome's Kitchen. You can also listen to the story of April Spears and her Auntie April's Chicken and Waffles in Part 1 of our Doing Business in the Bayview Series in our Archive. And in that same Part 1 show we introduce you to Barbara Ockel the Executive Director of the Bayview Opera House who shares the history of the opera house and its importance in the Bayview community. To find out more about Gratta Winery and Market and to support their store go to gratta wines dot com

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