Episode 155: Mike Meehan and the Lucky Ones, King of the Tramps, Brightwire, Bailey Bigger, Jim Knable & The Randy Bandits, Anna May, Greg Wheeler, Deadass Dobro, Roundeye, sock jock, Rat Tally, Uncle Ben's Remedy, James Stephen


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Mostly mellow vibes this week and a quick correction: I did, in fact, play King of the Tramps’ latest album on Episode 89 of Adobe & Teardrops, way back when.

  1. Mike Meehan and The Lucky Ones -- “Cross to Bear” (Freaks and Wonders)
  2. King of the Tramps -- “Death’s Door” (Wicked Mountain)
  3. Brightwire -- “Cracked Edges” (Cracked, Flawed, and Frayed)
  4. Bailey Bigger -- “A Lot Like I Do” (Let’s Call it Love)
  5. Jim Knable & The Randy Bandits-- “(I’m Not a) Bad Guy” (Blue Reunion)
  6. Anna May -- “Careless” (Kites)
  7. Greg Wheeler -- “Highway USA” (Rhythm of the Road)
  8. Deadass Dobro -- “Shameful Blake” (Single)
  9. Roundeye -- “Catatonic (I’m Not a Communist)” (Culture Shock Treatment)
  10. sock jock -- “know” (Single)
  11. Rat Tally -- “Shrug” (Single)
  12. Uncle Ben’s Remedy -- “Name On My Shirt” (Easy Way to Here)
  13. James Stephen -- “I Missed That Train” (Single)
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