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In a show where many hush,hush secrets are revealed, “Exploring the Bizarre,” (KCORradio,com) hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcomes CALVIN PARKER who is one of the world’s most famous abductees. On October, 11th, 1973, Calvin and Charles Hickson set off to do some fishing at an abandoned shipyard called Shaw Peters on the west bank of the Pascagoula River. As the two men fished, a "football" shaped UFO with blinding lights swooped down out of the night sky and landed nearby. What happened next turned the two men into media sensations, and their case went on to become one of the most high-profile UFO stories in American history. Parker says that he is still grappling with an encounter that turned his life upside down. "This is something I really didn't want to happen," he said. Parker married later in 1973 and eventually took oil industry and out-of-state construction jobs to escape the attention. Parker attended some UFO conventions, and was once hypnotized by Budd Hopkins. He briefly tried to capitalize on his story in 1993 by starting a Louisiana company called "UFO Investigations" where he and partners would produce television segments on the subject. Parker said he's had conflicting thoughts over the years about that night in 1973. That is why he decided to write his books, Pascagoula - "The Closets Encounter," and "Pascagoula - The Story Continues: New Evidence & New Witnesses." For friends, family and others interested in his side of the story, these books should be enlightening. However, Parker said there are some questions that may never be answered. His two “tell all” books are, “Pascagoula-The Closest Encounter.” and “Pascagoula – The Story Continues.”

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