How relationship attachment styles work with Cleveland Clinic psychologist Dr. Amy Sullivan


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On this week's 3 Things to Know with Stephanie Haney podcast, Cleveland Clinic psychologist Dr. Amy Sullivan explains how our attachment style, whether it be avoidant, anxious or secure, is a key piece to the puzzle of how we interact with our romantic partners, family, friends and acquaintances. Dr. Sullivan walks us through how we develop our attachment style, the typical behaviors associated with each one, and what she thinks of one particular quiz meant to help you figure out which category you fall into, developed by the authors of the "Attached" (a book which personally helped Stephanie better understand and work through a very difficult, seemingly never-ending breakup). Plus, Stephanie shares why Mason's Creamery in Ohio City is the COVID-safe date idea that you Need to Know in NEO (especially in the winter months), and why Engage! Cleveland is such A Good Follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Read about Dr. John Bowlby's and Dr. Mary Ainsworth's early attachment theory work here: Check out the book "Attached." here: Take the quiz to determine your attachment style here: Need to Know in NEO: Mason's Creamery in Ohio City A Good Follow: Engage! Cleveland Connect with Stephanie Haney here: Like this show? Subscribe to Stephanie's daily news update podcast, 3News Now with Stephanie Haney

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