BONUS EP: What happens if Google leaves Australia?


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Google has been making headlines here in Australia, the news corporations aren’t happy about the way they pull their stories into the SERPS, and they want a cut of the profit pie.

Google is so far saying no, you want us to pay? We’ll go away.

So what would happen if Google left Australia?

In today’s bonus episode, recorded as a Facebook live in my I LOVE SEO group, I talk about this conflict between Google, the Australian Government, and news websites, and how this affects every business online, including yours.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why news sites are unhappy with Google
  • Why Google might pull their services from Australia, and what will happen if they do
  • Why you should do more for your site than just SEO
  • Why you should diversify your digital marketing across different platforms
  • Why you need to build brand recognition by getting your brand seen and heard across the web
  • Why having back-up marketing strategies is vital

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