Feat. Pulkit Jain Co-founder and Product Head at Vedantu/The Future of Teaching in India


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On Shunya One Podcast this week, We have Pulkit Jain co founder and product head at Vedantu. Pulkit calls himself the 'new age teacher' and shares with us the intensive journey of becoming a teacher and not just a tech founder. He talks about how, despite being just 22 year olds, he and his friends left their job to teach kids in Patiala in Punjab. Pulkit explains how teachers teach different concepts, and imbibe students with other facts of life like how to think, how to solve problems when under stress, how to (one more) and more. Pulkit also shares a brief about how Vedantu is a comprehensive learning system and not just a class, how it's a curation system for scheduling classes for assignments, assessment and mentorship. Shiladitya and Amit ask Pulkit about why Vedantu became online and why most other coaching classes in the industry are still just coaching classes. They also discuss some features or services available on a platform like Vedantu as opposed to going to school.

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