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#S2E17 Shelf Impactors™ 'Passion and Purpose' with Mark Grey and Lisa Hastings 2020 saw the rise of side hustles - people forced to do alternatives to survive. Bold Pivots and Purpose In a year when many of our passions were banned, stalled or cancelled (think gym/events/getting together/travel) why passion is more important, and your purpose. KEY AREAS OF DISCUSSION: 1. PASSION - Creatives are pretty passionate - envied by many - but does our passion become our burnout? - What are our passions, or what do we REALLY care about, has it changed over the last year, how do we fuel our fires? 2. BOLD PIVOTS - Brands changing the game with thinking different - showing their brand/owner passions (eg Ovolo, Elon) 3. PURPOSE - Last year was the rise of 'Ikigai' - - WHY you do what you do, WHY it matters - for brands, and for us. 4. OUR STRATEGIES - ...for finding and growing our own passions/purpose? 5. WHY PASSION MATTERS - Even more right now... - How to embrace it?! --------------------------------- Lisa Hastings: Website - www.lisahastings.me Twitter - @shoebox20 Instagram - @shoebox20 LinkedIn - Lisa Hastings Mark Grey: Website - www.bluenectardesign.co.uk Twitter - @bluenectar Instagram - @bluenectardesign LinkedIn - Mark Grey

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