#279: Isabelle Kenyon, Founder and CEO of Calibrate, a Modern Metabolic Health Business That Is Establishing a New Standard of Care, on Growing a Virtual Team, Category Creation, and the Power of Persistence


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Isabelle Kenyon is the Founder & CEO of Calibrate, the modern, medical metabolic health business that is changing the way the world treats weight. Calibrate's doctor-guided program defines a new standard of clinical care, bringing decades of academic research to everyone, everywhere. Their program combines FDA-approved metabolic medication with a holistic curriculum and 1:1 virtual coaching sessions that drive lasting behavior change. The result is a metabolic reset that delivers sustainable weight loss and success beyond the scale, with improved whole-body health that enables our members to embrace a new day-to-day.

Prior to Calibrate, Isabelle led the business operations, growth, and strategic partnerships & communications teams at Capsule, a technology business that has raised $270 million to rebuild the pharmacy from the inside out. Before Capsule, Isabelle worked at beloved consumer brands in London and New York and was selected to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Retail & E-commerce list in 2015. She began her career as an investment banker in Hong Kong and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

Some of the Topics Covered by Isabelle Kenyon in this Episode

  • What Calibrate is and what fueled Isabelle to start it
  • The first steps she took to get the business off the ground
  • Pitching investors
  • Calibrate's go to market strategy
  • Pivoting the business after the consumer research predicted the wrong demographic
  • Founder market fit and waiting for the right idea
  • Early customer acquisition
  • What Calibrate's program entails
  • Building and growing a team virtually during a global pandemic
  • How Isabelle has approached pricing for Calibrate
  • What's next for Calibrate and their big vision
  • How Isabelle views partnerships and competition
  • Isabelle's experience as a female founder
  • The power of persistence

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